Else Mades' “Ultimate comfort” seats are the most comfortable bike seat you will ever sit on. My inserts are so good I even get asked to fit them in other custom seat makers so called comfort seats.

Made from a combination of solid 16mm thick Viscoelastic Wondergel and 10mm of orthopedic memory foam, the combination of both gives excellent support and weight distribution while still having a lush soft feeling. I haven’t yet found another seat on the market that offers the same comfort. Your bum will love it .

The 'Viscoelastic Wondergel’ we use has been formulated to give the best balance of tactile and dynamic properties that maximize rider comfort.

  • The gel Diminishes the effects of vibration,

  • Never fully compresses or bottoms out,

  • Absorbs shock & evenly spreads rider's weight over the entire surface of the seat,

  • May help relieve lower back pain & help minimizes tailbone & hemorrhoid discomfort,

  • Will not crystallize, leak or spill even if punctured,

  • It is hypoallergenic, fungus resistant and non-toxic,

  • It contains no latex or silicone.

We can transform your own stock seat in to the comfiest bike seat you’re ever likely to sit on but if that isn't enough we can make you your own custom style seat with our “Ultimate comfort” treatment.



Bike seats

From simple plane covers in nonslip materials to fully custom seats ready to grace any show stopping ride, I do them all and at prices you can afford.

Every aspect of the cover can be customized to your requirements from 100's of different styles and colours of finish.


Every rider is different so no one seat truly fits all. I can reshape your seat to fit you, be it raising for the taller rider or lowering for the shorter. I can cup the seat to keep you in place and reduce sliding resulting in a more confident safer ride. 


From logos to full custom designed artwork, I can digitize and embroider them onto your new upholstery.

Got Something Different?

Contact me and we can discuss your ideas and how we can make it a reality. We do love a challenge.

Our services and materials

All our materials are sourced from UK suppliers. We take every care to ensure that all our suppliers are based in the UK. We at Else Made are proud of our local heritage...