Terms & Conditions

1.       Terms

a.       ‘Customer’ means the persons identified on the Purchase Order.

b.      'Goods' means all or any of the items or services set out in the Purchase Order, which are to be supplied to the Customer by Else Made

c.       ‘Purchase Order' means any Purchase Order placed by the customer  under which Else Made agrees to supply Goods and/or Services to the customer.

d.      'Services' means the Services to be performed by the Provider for the customer as described in the Purchase Order and anything created or produced as a result of the Services.

e.      'Specification' means the requirements to which the Goods and/or Services supplied shall conform as detailed in the Purchase Order.

f.        `Item’ refers to that which the customer has been sent to be serviced as per the order.

2.       Orders

a.       Orders will typically take 15-20 working days once the item has been received unless otherwise stated.

b.      Orders may be delayed by up to 6 – 8 weeks due to situations not under the control of Else Made; such as but not limited to:

i.      Material shortages,

ii.      Environmental safety concerns,

iii.      Personal injuries,

iv.      Parts requirements.

c.       The customer agree to pay the full price before their order proceeds.

d.      Deposits are not refundable providing Else Made is able to deliver orders, exept where orders are changed/altered.

e.      Any changes to an order once started will be treated as a new order, as will the order time be extended upon acceptance of the change to the order. Else Made also reserves the rights to cancel or reject orders upon making the change.

f.        Any discounted orders must be paid in full to secure the discount price.

g.      If Else Made is supplying an exchange seat your old item must be received in good condition before the new seat is sent, there must be no damage to the integral items; i.e no holes, no missing parts and no damaged lugs or brackets.

h.         If you have paid the deposit on your new base to be sent before you send your old base then the deposit will not be refunded until your old item is received and the seat item has met the above requirements.

i.        If your seat is received in a bad condition with damage the customer will be held responsible for the return p&p cost and your deposit will not be refunded.   

The Old seat must be received by else made with in 7 days of recite of your new one. Failing to send the exchane seat back on till will result in a handeing late fee of £50     

j.       Unless otherwise mentioned all exchange items are original manufacturers equipment.

k.       Customers experiences may vary, Else Made doesn't accept liability for expectations not part of the customer order.

l.     Any promotional offers are subjected to a one per household limitation and one offer per order.

3.       Cancellations & Refunds

a.       Orders may be cancelled up to 21 days before estimated completion.

b.      Any order cancelled or altered will be subjected to a fee equal to 50% of the agreed order value whether completed or not.

c.       Collection of cancelled orders must take place within 4 weeks of cancellation otherwise the item may be forfeited.

d.       Else Made reserves the rights to cancel orders if the customer makes changes to an already accepted order.

e.        If a refund is due; it may take up-to 7 working days to be processed by Else Made, your bank or payment facilitator may also be subjected to a wait time.

4.       Payment

a.       Payment can be made via cash, BACs, credit or debit card, cheques or PayPal.

b.      Payments by cheques must be made to “Else Made” and must clear before goods are released.

c.       Payments made via PayPal are subjected to a 5% charge.

5.       Shipping

a.       Once complete shipping will be completed within 7 working days.

b.      International orders may be subjected to customs charges or import tax by the destination country.

c.       Else Made products are shipped in suitable packing containers and materials.

d.      Once an order has left the business, Else Made will not accept liability for loss or damage.

e.       Under no circumstance does Else Made guarantee a delivery date.

6.       Liability

a.       Else Made accepts no liability for loss of items or damage to items.

b.      The customer accepts that items sent to Else Made for orders are sent at the customers own risk.

c.       Should an item become lost or damaged Else Made may or may not offer a refund for any orders less the deposit.

d.      Else Made accepts no liability for any injuries caused by any goods ordered or its shipping materials.

e.      Else Made is not liable for any damage to the goods due to misuse or mishandling.

f.      Else Made makes no guarantee of improved comfort.

7.      Guarantee

a.      All labour is guaranteed for 1 year from date of delivery.

b.     The guarantee is void if the product has been altered, misused or mistreated.

c.     Else Made reserves the rights to void any product warranty should the product be tampered with by a third party.

d.     The guarantee agreement is between Else Made and the original customer only, if an Else Made product is sold to another party the guarantee is void.

e.    The product must be maintained according the the instructions provided by Else Made.

8.       Communications

a.       Else Made can be contacted via post, electronically, via telephone and in person (see contact us for details).

b.       Else Made reserves the rights to record communications.

9.       Maintenance

a.       Else Made recommends that products be maintained by the user.

b.       Upholstered goods should be stored in a cool & dry environment and away from biological or chemical contaminates that could degrade the materials.

c.       It is recommended that after encounters with liquids the product is dried and treated with either a conditioning product designed to maintain waterproofing and the materials integrity. 

d.       It is recommended that upholstered materials not exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods.  

e.       DO NOT USE any cleaner containing bleach or abrasives. Also refrain from using polishes, silicon or leather feed on your seat as it will make your seat slippy and please do not use a pressure washer on your seat.

 f.       Cleaning your seat: You can use any normal bike cleaning solution suitable for the materials to be cleaned.